Previous Blog Posts (University of Leicester Staff Blogs)

Until May 2022, Arch-I-Scan blog posts were hosted on the University of Leicester’s Staff Blogs site. Either click here for the Arch-I-Scan Staff Blogs homepage or click on the titles and images below to be redirected to specific earlier blog posts.

Sun’s out! Go inside for a conference!

Posted by Daan van Helden on 28 March 2022

There’s a New Postdoc in Town… Welcome Zedong Zheng!

Posted by Victoria Szafara on 21 February 2022

2021 was (selectively) great!

Posted by Daan van Helden on 11 January 2022

Aysha Scans: The Summer Intern

Posted by Victoria Szafara on 5 September 2021

News and New ‘Normals’

Posted by Victoria Szafara on 22 March 2021

Celebrating End-of-the-Year Successes

Posted by Victoria Szafara on 18 January 2021

There… and back again: Vindolanda, Week 3

Posted by Victoria Szafara on 25 November 2020

The rime of the ancient archaeologist

Posted by Daan van Helden on 18 November 2020

Journey to the Edge of Empire: Notes from Vindolanda Week 1

Posted by Victoria Szafara on 14 November 2020

Presenting during a plague

Posted by Daan van Helden on 27 October 2020

Science-Fiction Reality? Artificial Intelligence and Archaeology

Posted by Victoria Szafara on 23 April 2020

Pottery in times of COVID-19

Focus, Photo, Repeat

Posted by Daan van Helden on 23 March 2020

Photographing in the dark

Posted by Daan van Helden on 17 March 2020

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