Publications and Resources

Please see below for publications related to the Arch-I-Scan Project.


van Helden, D, Mirkes, E, Tyukin, I and Allison, P. 2022. The Arch-I-Scan Project: Artificial Intelligence and 3D Simulation for Developing New Approaches to Roman Foodways. Journal of Computer Applications in Archaeology, 5(1), 78–95. DOI:

Núñez Jareño, S.J., van Helden, D.P., Mirkes, E.M. Tyukin, I.Y., Allison, P.M. 2021. ‘Learning from scarce information: using synthetic data to classify Roman fine ware pottery’, Entropy 23(9): 1140. For pre-print, see also ArXiv 2107.01401.

Tyukin, I., Sofeikov, K., Levesley, J., Gorban, A.N., Allison, P. and Cooper, N.J. 2018. ‘Exploring Automated Pottery Identification [Arch-I-Scan]’, Internet Archaeology 50.


Allison, P.M., Pitts, M., and, Colley, S. 2018. Big Data on the Roman Table: new approaches to tablewares in the Roman world. Internet Archaeology 50.


Arch-I-Scan Repository on GitHub:

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